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Ek Balam

Debi Morris, a member of Lighthouse Church, has been a missionary to the Mayan Village of Ek Balam for more than seven years. Ek Balam is an hour and forty-five-minute drive from Tulum and has approximately 300 residents.

Opportunities for you to serve in Ek Balam are in abundance. These opportunities might include teaching them to budget their limited cash resources, cooking classes, conducting a bible school for children, or investing a few days there leading in Bible study for adults. Additionally, medical, dental and optometric clinics are needed. The possibilities are limitless and the rewards will be eternal.


Debi can be contacted through Lighthouse Church or email at  Debi has acquired a piece of property in Ek Balam to build a house so that she has a place to live while on mission there.  The long term plans include a worship center being built in Ek Balam.



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